Doki Doki Pulsetime Panic: Trial of the Heroglobin

Doki Doki Pulsetime Panic (or just "Pulse") is a game that was created by myself and 3 classmates as a part of 2013's Global Game Jam. After a good experience utilizing Flash and Air in the Great Canadian Appathon of 2012, we decided to do so again for the Global Game Jam. This time around we had much less time to actually create the game, with weather and travel time cutting into dev time, and no plan to speak of beforehand. We think we came up with a somewhat clever use of the theme heartbeat) though. We were happy enough with our product that we continued to work on it here and there after the fact and submit it to Google Play. I was responsible for all of the programming on this project, as well as submitting to Google Play.

Pulse can also be found on:
Global Game Jam website
Google Play

This game is played using the mouse.